Sun Shade Louvres - 'AME 60'

The AME 60 Sun Shade Louvre is a slim line shading product that can be used in situations requiring minimal depth for installation.

The product is manufactured from 45 degree angular extruded aluminium blades to provide high levels of shading regardless of sun position. This reduces heat transfer through windows and reduces loading on building cooling systems.

Blades are spaced at 60 mm vertical centres and the louvre is assembled with threaded rods and aluminium spacers at 200 mm horizontal pitch. Note that the pitch of the blades and horizontal spacers can be varied to suit project applications.

Unit sizes are made to measure and therefore guarantee accurate sizing and solid installation. The assembled units provide an unobtrusive sun shade with an attractive horizontal perspective while maintaining ventilation and vision through the Blades at appropriate viewing angles. The units are robust and durable and provide additional security when used over windows.


The AME 60 Sun Shade Louvre is an effective screen over windows to reduce heat while maintaining excellent ventilation through the louvre unit.

It can be used in conjunction with awnings or other architectural shading features. The AME 60 can also be used as an effective barrier or security product in low risk situations.

Applications include sun shading over windows, building facades, architectural features in conjunction with other sun shade products, barriers or screening in pedestrian / access ways and between building features. The AME60 can also be used to provide protection to windows from airborne projectiles in high wind areas.


The AME60 Sun Shade Louvre, once installed, meets or exceeds:

  • the requirements of AS2047-1997 Para. for structural deflection.
  • the requirements of AS 1170 part 2 wind forces in building.

Suggested Specifications

Sun Shade Screens shall be Austral Monsoon 'AME 60 Sun Shade Louvres'. Angular horizontal blades shall be at 45 degrees and made from extruded aluminium sections. Blades shall be assembled on threaded rods with maximum 200mm horizontal centres using aluminium spacers to provide a 60 mm vertical pitch. Louvre to be provided with powdercoat finish in standard available colour. Installation shall be in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.


  • Finishes - Available metal finishes include powder coating, natural anodising in either 20µm and 25µm, special colour anodising and other special paint finishes on application.

Technical Drawings

Technical drawings of this product are listed below in PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Reader® software to view these files. Get Adobe Reader