Operable Louvres

AMBP manufactures a wide range of operable blade or operable sash louvres. Louvres are constructed either from extruded aluminium sections or folded sheet product in a variety of base metals. All louvres are of a modular construction ensuring quality fit and can be adapted to suit most wall constructions.

Our range of fixed ventilation louvres include:

  1. Aluminium Stormglaze Louvre
  2. Ellipsoid Operable Louvres
  3. Easiflow Louvre
  4. Coolite Louvre
  5. Maxiflow Louvre

The range provides choice for from up market high end finishes to suit contemporary commercial buildings to functional and cost effective alternatives for industrial buildings or warehouses. The range also allows choice for ventilation performance and natural light (depending on blade cladding or sash glazing).

Many of the operable louvres can also be used for screening purposes.