Fixed Ventilation Louvre - 'AME 100' Continuous

The AME 100 "Continuous" louvre provides the appearance of unbroken horizontal blade lines for ventilation, screening or sun shade applications.

Blade materials are identical to AME 100 "Framed" or modular units, however, construction relies on the Blades being fixed to structural vertical mullions (generally being 50 mm x 50 mm steel RHS) using stainless steel rivets.

The depth of the louvre from the supporting structure is nominally 100 mm and Blades are extruded aluminium sections offering superior weather performance of an integral double rain-trap design. Louvres are unlimited in width and ensure consistent horizontal architectural lines.

Depending on project requirements louvres are provided with standard or custom made trim angles to ensure installation is neat and tidy with weather proof finish.

Louvres can be provided with a variety of mesh options to the inner face for vermin protection and a broad range of metal finishes (refer Options below).


The AME 100 "Continuous" louvre is a high quality, robust, durable and functional ventilation louvre to suit air inlet or exhaust requirements for most commercial and industrial building applications. The modular construction ensures quality fit and finish and can be adapted to suit most wall constructions. The louvre is best suited to applications requiring a combination of moderate air flow and requiring good weather keeping properties. Louvre panels can be used in combination with access doors using the same blade materials to provide a consistent architectural appearance. The AME 100 can also be used for screening purposes as opposed to strictly ventilation applications. Specific applications include louvre penthouses, building air intake areas, car park ventilation, plant rooms, cooling tower screens and natural wall ventilation. This louvre should not be used where electrical equipment is stored directly behind.


  • Finishes - Available metal finishes include powder coating, natural anodising in either 20µm and 25µm, special colour anodising and other special paint finishes on application.
  • Mesh - Available mesh materials include fibreglass, galvanised steel and stainless steel options and cover flywire, bird mesh and security applications.

Module Size

Louvres are designed to span unlimited lengths using joiners and obscured mullion supports and heights are similarly unlimited. Maximum Door Size 2100 mm high x 820 mm wide.


AME 100 Louvres meet or exceed the requirements of AS1170, structural performance and can be designed for use in all cyclone regions.

Free area is 45.5%. The AME 100 has been tested for pressure drop performance. Copy of test results are available on request.

Suggested Specifications

Louvres shall be Austral Monsoon 'AME 100' weather proof louvres; frames shall be flange fix/box section framing with _________ mesh fixed to the rear of the unit.

The free area shall be 45.5%. The louvres are to be designed to satisfy Region______ / Terrain category_______ /Windloading_______m/s.

Materials shall be extruded aluminium with a powdercoat/anodised finish as per finishes schedule.

Installation shall be as per Manufactures recommendations.

Technical Drawings

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