Edmond Rice College, Wollongong

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Austral Monsoon Building Products have recently completed the installation of AME 60S sun shades to the new Multi Purpose Hall at Edmond Rice College, Wollongong, NSW. Working for the main building contractor Manteena Pty Ltd.

The AME 60S sunshade system is manufactured from extruded aluminium, on this project it was installed on purpose made outrigger brackets, the AME 60S sun shade and brackets were then finished in Duratec X15 powdercoat system.

The AME 60S is a versatile suns shading system that can be used in either the vertical or horizontal application, the pitch of the sun blades can be modified to suit varying applications and the  sun shade support details can be designed and built to  varying designs  and applications as desired by the architect.

Reedy Creek Recycle Centre


reedy creek koolbreeze 1Austral Monsoon Building Products have recently completed the installation of Koolbreeze Fixed Ventilation Louvres to the Reedy Creek Recycle Facility at Burleigh Heads in Queensland. The project was for Multi Span Constructions Pty Ltd.

The Koolbreeze Louvres for this project where manufacture from aluminium sheet and powdercoated to match the building exterior colour scheme.

The Koolbreeze Fixed Ventilation louvres where an ideal choice in this application as the Koolbreeze louvres have fully closed blades  which provides a strong and secure louvre with perforations in the bottom blade only for  ventilation.

The Koolbreeze Fixed Ventilation louvres can be manufactured from a selection of common sheet materials including  Polycarbonate, Zincalume, Colourbond and Aluminium to suite various applications and finishes, if you have a requirement for a strong and secure ventilation louvre than consider the Koolbreeze system.